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                                                             Trove of Glass Negatives
                                                             Found in Attic of

                                                             Condemned Illinois House

                                                             Rare glass negatives

                                                             found in condemned

                                                             Peoria home

                                                             The mystery of the glass

                                                             negatives recovered

                                                             from a condemned Peoria

                                                             home is solved

                                                            Glass Plates taken by Dallas R.
                                                            Sweney, who lived at 807 Spring
                                                            Street, Peoria, IL. In the early 1920s

                                                            Dallas was  a commercial photog-
                                                            rapher, the studio was located at 229
                                                            North Adams, the present day site of
                                                            the Mark Twain Hotel.

                                                            Dallas was also a long-term employee at the
                                                            Peoria Public Library. During World War I
                                                            he served with the 33rd  Division of the Amer-

                                                            ican Expeditionary Forces in France.
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